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Feb 10, 2009

Pasture Management for Horse Acreages - FREE Webcast

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Speaker: Dr. Dave Freeman | Oklahoma State University

Summary: Most horse owners house their horses on acreage with the objective for the area to supply part or all of the nutritional needs. This webcast will cover some of the principles behind the decisions that must be made to maximize nutritional benefits of pasture forages. Topics will include grazing management, forage selection and production, and pasture forage management.

Presenter Information: Dr. Dave Freeman has been involved with the Oklahoma State Extension as an Equine Specialist and has been a Professor at Oklahoma State University since 1984. Dr. Freeman serves as a reviewer for the Professional Animal Scientist, Journal of Animal Science and Equine Veterinary Science. He has authored multiple publications on horse ownership and use via Cooperative Extension and popular press.

Dr. Freeman received his B.S. in Animal Science, his M.S. in Scientific Nutrition, and also his Ph.D. in Animal Science specializing in Equine Nutrition from Texas A&M University.

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