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Sep 27, 2011

Reducing Hay Waste

Dr. Krishona MartinsonWATCH the Webcast recording

Speaker: Dr. Krishona Martinson | University of Minnesota

Presentation Summary: Reducing hay waste starts with buying quality hay and proper storage. However, waste can also be reduced though feeding management and careful selection of a feeder. New research on hay waste and economics of nine unique round bale feeders will also be discussed. 

Presenter Information: Dr. Martinson received her BS from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and her Masters and PhD from the University of Minnesota.  She has worked for the University of Minnesota since 2001, and is currently the Equine Extension Specialist in the Animal Science Department.  Her specializations include pasture management, weed control, poisonous plants, and forage utilization and her research focuses on optimizing equine forage utilization.